Monday, October 19, 2009

HebrewBible Release 2.2 submitted to Apple for approval

I've made a number of usability enhancements to the HebrewBible iPhone app. The changes have been submitted to Apple for approval. Usually, changes take about 2 weeks to be approved for release on the Apple App Store and I'll post here again when they're available (it's a free upgrade for existing users of the app). These are all enhancements that a number of users have requested that I add to the application. The changes:

  1. Enhancement: When in the Bible text screen, swipe-left will hide the tab bar and swipe-right with display it. This makes more room available for reading the text when you're reading the Bible.
  2. Enhancement: When playing the audio in the Bible text screen, the Play button now changes to a Pause button when pressed (instead of the Stop button previously displayed). This lets the user pause and resume audio playback.
  3. Enhancement: The Translate functionality (in the Words tab) now has an additional button for "Swap Languages" to allow the source and destination languages to be reversed. For example, if the user had selected French as the "from" language and English as the "to" language, pressing the Translate button converts French to English. Pressing the "Swap Languages"button reverses the two languages so that the translation will be from English to French.
  4. Enhancement: The languages that are used for the Translate functionality (in the Words tab) are now "sticky" (e.g. - once a translation has been done between 2 languages, the selected languages are the defaults the next time the application is started).
  5. Fix: Moved the "i" button on the Bible screen further from the tab bar (to prevent accidental touches).
  6. Fix: Corrected positioning of popup box in the Hebrew Torah with Commentary version (in certain cases, the popup would not appear on the visible screen).