Monday, December 7, 2009

HebrewBible Version 3.1 submitted to Apple for approval

I've made a number of minor enhancements and a few fixes to the HebrewBible iPhone app. The changes have been submitted to Apple for approval. Usually, changes take about 2 weeks to be approved for release on the Apple App Store and I'll post here again when they're available (it's a free upgrade for existing users of the app). The changes:

  1. Enhancement: On the Words definition popup, changed the "Close" link and the verses link to buttons for improved visual appearance.
  2. Enhancement: On the Words summary display, Aramaic words are now displayed in green (Hebrew words are still displayed in black) in order to visually differentiate Aramaic words from Hebrew words.
  3. Fix: Corrected bug that was causing some display issues in landscape mode when reading Bible text.
  4. Fix: Corrected bug that was preventing display of 1Kings chapter 22.
  5. Fix: Minor spelling and word corrections for the Words dictionary data.
  6. Fix: Corrected sort order of verses from Words popup so that numerics were sorted properly (for example: app was previously displaying "Gen.19.31" before "Gen.2.24").