Thursday, August 26, 2010

HebrewBible version 4.4 now available on App Store

Hot on the heels of my brand new Biblical Hebrew app is the release of version 4.4 of my Hebrew Bible app! This version is a minor update that is primarily for improved iPhone iOS 4 and iPad functionality. The new version is now available on the Apple App Store and I recommend that all current users download the upgrade (it's a free upgrade for existing users of the app). The changes:

  1. Enhancement: Fast app switching in iOS 4.
  2. Enhancement: Pickers now displayed in popover element on iPad to better conform to Apple's HIG (Human Interface Guideline) standards.
  3. Enhancement: Improved default viewing size of Root pages when "Big Text" is set off.

Users who have both the Biblical Hebrew and Hebrew Bible apps will find that the multitasking (fast app switching) in iOS 4 makes it very convenient to quickly toggle between the two apps while maintaining the current "context" in each app.