Friday, May 6, 2011

BiblicalHebrew version 1.4 now available on App Store

As with my recent HebrewBible version update, this update is a bunch of usability updates that I've been meaning to do for a while. The new version is now available on the Apple App Store and I recommend that all current users download the upgrade (it is a free upgrade for existing users of the app). The following changes are in the BiblicalHebrew App update:

  1. Enhancement: Added Prev/TOC/Next buttons (segmented control) to Dictionary tab's version of BDB page display so that the user can navigate in the BDB more easily when accessing the BDB from the word definition popup from that tab.
  2. Enhancement: iPad enhancement to display (depending on orientation) portrait or landscape-specific splash screen on startup.
  3. Enhancement: Built with iOS SDK 4.3 but will run on any iPod Touch, iPhone, or iPad with at least iOS 3.0.
  4. Fix: Fix for bug that was preventing dictionary display of 2-letter words that ended in a 'sofit' character.