Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Update to "Yiddish Dictionary/Translate in Browser" post

I've updated my previous post (Yiddish Dictionary/Translate in Browser) to include a bookmarklet link to The Complete Works of Sholem Aleichem site. Refer to that page for all the different bookmarklets/links but I've duplicated it here so that you can try it out:

 The following bookmarklet lets you input Yiddish (Hebrew characters) and it will bring up a list of all matches of the entered text in the Complete Works of Sholem Aleichem (the site was created by Refoyl Finkel). This utility is very useful if you want to see sample usages of the entered word in Yiddish texts. If you select a word on any web page before pressing this bookmarklet, the selection dialog will be pre-populated with the word you selected.