Saturday, May 29, 2010

BDB Support in Hebrew Bible iPhone/iPad app

The latest version of my Hebrew Bible app now has support for the Brown–Driver–Briggs Hebrew Lexicon (BDB). This is as a result of the work that David Troidl has done in creating a BDB outline linking words defined in the Brown–Driver–Briggs Lexicon to their Strong's Concordance numbers. By having a cross-reference of the Brown–Driver–Briggs pages to specific Hebrew words from the Tanach, I have been able to link directly to the relevant Brown–Driver–Briggs page for each Hebrew word. Brown–Driver–Briggs support is now in 3 different sections of the app (the following screen shots are from the iPad version of the app):

  1. When reading the "Hebrew(reader) version, it is possible to touch any word and bring up a popup that displays the definition of the word with buttons that will display either all occurrences of the word in the Tanach or a Brown–Driver–Briggs page that relates to that word: 
  2. When using the "Words" functionality, it is possible to select a word from a 2-letter lookup page and then also access the Brown–Driver–Briggs information, or directly search for a word by Strongs number and then access it's definition and Brown–Driver–Briggs information:
  3. Lastly, it is also possible to browse the Brown–Driver–Briggs Lexicon directly from the "BDB" tab by either selecting a section or page from the Table of Contents or by just paging through the pages: