Wednesday, May 12, 2010

HebrewBible version 4.1 now available on App Store

This version includes a lot of minor enhancements. The new version is now available on the Apple App Store and I recommend that all current users download the upgrade (it's a free upgrade for existing users of the app). As with the previous version, this version is a "universal" app in that a customer only needs to buy it once and it will run on all the iPhone, iPod Touch (1st or 2nd generation), and iPad (a minimum of iPhone OS 3.0 is required on any device) devices that the user owns. The changes:

  1. Enhancement: Updated Hebrew(reader) text to WLC version 4.12.
  2. Enhancement: Improved performance of Bible text display with alternative fonts.
  3. Enhancement: Added display of true Strongs transliterations to word definitions.
  4. Enhancement: Eliminated superfluous spaces after certain characters for improved readability.
  5. Enhancement: Added Part-of-Speech description to word definition popup.
  6. Enhancement: Added word definition lookup by Strongs number.
  7. Fix: Changed alignment of Translate form for better visual presentation on both iphone and ipad devices.